Food Currently Needed


JUNE  2017

The following items are presently required:

We are pleased to accept gift cards from local grocery stores too.

Canned Meat (Ham, Turkey, Chicken, Salmon)

Breakfast Cereal (Cold and Instant)

Granola Bars, Lunch Snacks & Fruit Cups

Sugar, Rice & Flour

Cookies, Crackers

Canned Vegetables, including Potatoes

 Infant Cereal, Jarred Fruits

Coffee (Instant or Ground), Tea 

Canned Fruit 

Meal Helpers (SideKicks, Instant Potatoes)

Peanut Butter, Jam, Cheez Whiz

Kraft Dinner

Canned Pasta, Stew, & Chili

Desserts (muffin or cake mix,)


 Dry Soup Noodles

Fruit Juice (28 oz)

Baked Beans, Pasta Sauce

Supplement Drinks (Boost, Ensure, Pediasure etc)

Baby Formula (Similac, Enfalac, Good Start)

Diapers (Size 4 & up)

Baby Wipes

We do NOT require:

Dry pasta,Tetra drink boxes,