Food Currently Needed


September  2018

Here are the TOP  TEN  most needed items.  

We are pleased to accept gift cards from local grocery stores too. This allows us to purchase items we need when we need them.  This allows us to be aware of storage space and expiry dates.

Juice    * 28 Oz.  and Tetra Pac (Urgent Need)

Soup Including Chunky/Hearty Soups

Canned Vegetables (mixed)

Odd Meat (Turkey, Chicken, Ham)



Lunch Snacks

Peanut Butter

Meal Helpers (SideKick, Hamburger Helper

Luncheon Snacks (granola bars/fruit cups etc)

At this time we do NOT require::

Dry Pasta,, Pasta Sauce,  Baked Beans, Odd Beans (Kidney, Lentils etc.)