Food Currently Needed


March 2017

The following items are presently required:

We are pleased to accept gift cards from local grocery stores too.

Canned Vegetables

Canned Pasta, Stew, & Chili

Coffee (Instant or Ground), Tea 

Canned Meat (Ham, Turkey, Chicken, Salmon)

Meal Helpers (SideKicks, Instant Potatoes)

Peanut Butter, Jam, Cheez Whiz

Breakfast Cereal (Cold and Instant)

Lunch Snacks, Jello, & Pudding & Fruit Cups

Kraft Dinner

 Cookies, Crackers

Desserts (muffin or cake mix,)

Canned Fruit (no pineapple)


Sugar, Rice & Flour

 Dry Soup Noodles

Fruit Juice (28 oz)

Baked Beans, Pasta Sauce

Supplement Drinks (Boost, Ensure, Pediasure etc)

Infant Cereal, Jarred fruits

Baby Formula (Similac, Enfalac, Good Start)

Diapers (Size 4 & up)

Baby Wipes

We do NOT require:

Dry pasta,Tetra drink boxes,