Food Currently Needed

July 2016

The following items are presently required:

Meal Helpers (SideKicks, Instant Potatoes)

Peanut butter, jam, Cheez Whiz

Breakfast cereal (Cold and Instant)

Lunch snacks, Jello*, & Pudding & Fruit Cups*

Cookies, Crackers

Desserts (muffin or cake mix,)*

Diapers (size 4 and pull-ups)

Infant cereal and jarred foods (fruits)

Canned fruit*, (No canned pineapple)

Canned Meat (Ham, Turkey, Chicken, Salmon)  and Fis

Sugar, Rice, Flour

Canned pasta*

Kraft Dinner

Canned Tuna

Coffee (Instant), Tea bags

Juice (28 oz)

Baked beans

Pasta sauce

Stew, chili and hearty soups

Canned vegetables *(No corn)

Supplement Drinks (Boost, Ensure, Pediasure etc)


We do NOT require:

Dry pasta, canned corn, pancake mix, Tetra drink boxes, saltine crackers