Food Currently Needed


March 2021

Thank you to everyone who donated food items or provided financial support to us throughout this year.

Instant Coffee


Canned Pasta (Ravioli, Alpha-ghetti etc)

Canned Baked Beans (no meat)

Fruit cups for children's snack

Meal Helper (Sidekicks. Mashed Potato, etc)

Canned Fruit

Cheez Whiz, Nutella, Jam

Condiments ( ketchup, mayo)

non-Dairy Milk. (Soy milk, Almond, etc.)


Dry Beans (Pinto)

Fruit Juice (1 Litre size)

Odd Meat (Canned Fish, Ham, Turkey, Corned Beef)

Cooking Oil. (1 Ltre)

Diapers (size 4 to 6)

Thank you for your help and support.

We do not require: Dry Pasta, Pasta Sauce at this time.