Food Currently Needed


November 2021

Breakfast and good nutrition are important for their learning so please remember them when you shop.  Below is a list of our most needed items.    If you can donate one or more of the suggested items below, we would be grateful.

Please make delivery arrangements part of your food drive plans.  See our Home page for details

Canned Fruit

Fruit cups for children's snack

Fruit Juice (1 Litre size & Tetra boxes)

Canned Potatoes

Canned Vegetables

Cheez Whiz, Nutella, Jam

Instant Coffee, Ground Coffee

Canned Pasta (Alpha-ghetti etc.)

Canned Baked Beans (in tomato sauce/no meat)

Canned Beans (chick peas, lentils etc.)

Sugar, Flour, Rice

Crackers (Ritz, Vinta, Saltines, etc)

Canned Hearty Soup & Stews

Condiments ( ketchup, mayo)

non-Dairy Milk. (Soy milk, Almond, etc.)

Odd Meat (Canned Fish, Ham, Turkey, Corned Beef)

Cooking Oil. (1 Ltre)

Breakfast Cereal

Baby Wipes

Diapers (size 4 to 6)

Thank you for your help and support.

We do not require: Dry Pasta, Pancake mix and syrup, Pasta Sauces or Peanut Butter at this time.