Food Currently Needed


MAY 2020

Thank you to everyone who donated food items or provided financial support to us throughout the years.

The food bank can also use clean, REUSABLE GROCERY BAGS.  Please include any extra bags you have with your donation.

Please consider donating gift cards from local grocery stores too. With gift cards we can purchase items we need when we need them and better manage storage space and expiry dates.

Remember:  If you are planning a large food drive please make delivery drop off part of your plan.  See Donor Information Page for more details.

If you have a some extra protective masks to share, our front line volunteers would be appreciative.

Our more current needs during the Covid 19 crisis:

Soup and Stews

Canned Fruit

Canned Pasta 

Tuna & Salmon

Pasta Sauce

Canned Mixed Vegetables

Cookies & Crackers

Canned Meats (Turkey, Chicken, Corn Beef, Ham etc)

Meal Helpers (Boxed Potatoes, SideKicks)

Luncheon Snacks (puddings, fruit cups, granola bar etc.  *Nut Free)

Cheese Whiz, Nutella

Kraft Dinner

Juice-  1L size  & Tetra pak (various flavours)

Instant Coffee, Tea

Formula (all brands)

All Purpose Flour

Toilet Paper, Paper Towels

Personal Hygiene Products (Toothpaste, shampoo etc)  Store Gift Cards

Infant Cereal (All Ages)

Diapers (size 4 and up)

NOTE:  We do not require the following items at this time:

Dry Pasta Noodles, Odd Beans, Baked Beans or Jarred Baby Foods.